2024-04-10 | 08:50:02

"These guys know their stuff!! I've came into their storefront about a half dozen times and every time they are very nice and professional. I'm not an expert in hydraulics but these guys are, if you come in with a couple fittings they will immediately know what you need to hook up your project right! They are absolutely amazing!_Brandon is and has been my go to guy over here."

2024-03-15 | 10:50:02

"This is the BEST place for your ALL hydraulic needs. They are creative, QUICK and an extreme pleasure to work with! :-) Five stars is NOT enough."

2023-11-14 | 16:21:13

"I highly recommend this company to do all of your hydraulic needs and repairs. Needed a valve body rebuilt, on my new Holland skid steer and Vern Reece Help me all the way… great service fast A++++"

2023-11-14 | 16:21:20

"Most professional staff for all your hydraulic needs if they do not have a part or offer a service they go above and beyond to point you in the right direction to get your job done. Highly recommend over other places and they are very quick."

2023-06-26 | 15:56:25

"HPS has always treated me well, I drive all the way from Placerville to do business with them. A+ Great customer service... Big Thanks ... Quality Land Maintenance..."

2023-09-12 | 17:39:38

"I go out of my way to take my business to HPS because they gout out of the way to make sure I have exactly what I need before I leave. Great place!"