What Are Hydraulic Pumps Used For?

When it comes to hydraulic pump usage, their specific purpose might remain a bit of a mystery for those unfamiliar with them. If you’ve never heard of this equipment, you might even have a more basic question, such as “what are hydraulic pumps?” In the article below, we’ll answer these questions and more.

What are hydraulic pumps?

Simply put, hydraulic pumps are power sources that convert energy from electrical power to mechanical power and finally to hydraulic power. Because of the multiple steps it takes for raw energy to become usable power through a hydraulic pump, they tend to be less efficient than other options. Still, that doesn’t rule them out as a power source since they have plenty of advantages to counteract this key disadvantage.

Some of the main reasons why companies would use hydraulic pumps to power various mechanisms include the hydraulic pumps’ simplicity in their control and accuracy. Since system operators of hydraulic pumps can initiate the pump, cease power, and lower the speed of the system with basic controls, it makes hydraulic pumps a popular choice.

Additionally, hydraulic pumps are very simple to identify problems with the naked eye. When a hydraulic pump leaks, you can see it with little to no specialized training. What’s more, hydraulic pumps tend to run relatively quietly in comparison to other power sources available on the market. Overall, the versatility, ease of access, and inexpensive repair solutions make hydraulic pumps a solid choice for many manufacturers and industrial settings.

Hydraulic pumps can have many different purposes. Sometimes, they deliver power to aircraft, water vehicles, and related machinery, while other times they are used as a power mechanism on lock gates. Water pistons are another common application where we see hydraulic pumps being used. Because they are so versatile, hydraulic pumps are used in most types of machinery and mechanisms. The main uses for hydraulic pumps today also include lifts such as wheelchair lifts and hydraulic jacks.

At their core, hydraulic pumps are used to efficiently power a wide range of mechanisms. From large vehicles such as airplanes to smaller operations such as wheelchair lifts, hydraulic pumps are known for their diverse ability to power various items.

There are several different types of hydraulic pumps called gear, vane, and piston pumps. Gear pumps use cogs or “gears” to move fluid through the pump. Piston pumps have a “piston” that moves fluid through the pump. These are frequently used to power water pistons in locked gates and such. Finally, vane pumps are hydraulic pumps that have sliding vanes where fluid is pushed through to power a system. Mobile and industrial hydraulic equipment can use these pumps to achieve a consistent power supply.

In conclusion, hydraulic pumps are used to power many different devices. From aircraft to water pumps and beyond, they are a useful power source option.