How to Find the Best Fittings for Your Hydraulic Pumps

Choosing the wrong fitting for your hydraulic pumps results in poor efficiency and could create hazardous conditions. There is a wide range of shapes, threads, materials and sealing options available, and it’s crucial to select the best fitting. Often, this requires the use of hydraulic adapters. Use the following tips on how to find the best hydraulic adapter to get the best results from your hydraulic pumps:

  • Secure the connection: If the connection is not secure, you will experience leaks. However, it’s important to secure the connection properly. Simply tightening the fitting is not a good solution. Repeated loosening and tightening can cause the fitting to crack. Instead, use pipe thread fittings. Choose O-rings and appropriate seals to prevent leaks.
  • Consider pressure: Modern hydraulic pumps and hydraulic adapters often involve high operating pressure. Use O-rings to address this pressure. These components are crack-resistant and help reduce the risk of leaks. For best results, choose stainless steel fittings for the highest pressure rating.
  • Prepare for vibration: Keep in mind that the operation of hydraulic pumps involves some vibration during use. Hydraulic adapters may help minimize this movement, but in most cases some vibration will always occur. Inspect the system regularly to check for damage or leaks that could be caused by this regular vibration and make adapter adjustments as necessary.
  • Monitor the temperature: Various hydraulic adapters are made for different temperature ranges. The fittings vary by seal, material and plating. Always check manufacturer recommendations for the temperature range that is appropriate for any component. If your hydraulic pump operates in extreme temperatures, you will need to choose specialized hydraulic adapters made for those conditions.
  • Check compatibility: All components used for hydraulic pumps must be chemically compatible. Be sure to check manufacturer recommendations before using any components together. This is particularly crucial for gaseous applications. Using inappropriate components can lead to fires and explosions. Don’t forget to check seal compatibility as well as all hydraulic adapters.
  • Research availability: Typically, most fittings are readily available. However, certain hydraulic adapters and fittings may require some lead time for ordering and shipping. If you need to use your hydraulic system immediately and cannot afford down time in the future, consider selecting fittings that are always in stock and easy to find.
  • Choose a reputable supplier: For optimal results, look for a supplier who has an established reputation in the industry and is known for quality parts. Choose a supplier that has a full range of hydraulic adapters to meet all your needs and can also provide repair and assembly services if needed.

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