Why Some Hydraulic Cylinders Need to Be Custom Made

The word “custom” can be appealing or frightening. In some instances, we like to have custom products, custom orders or custom plans to perfectly suit our needs. In other situations, the term may bring up concerns about cost. When it comes to custom hydraulic cylinders, you may wonder why there is a need for customization and worry that these components will break your budget.

However, there are very simple reasons why some hydraulic cylinders need to be custom made. Following are some of the most common causes for customization. Additionally, as you consider custom hydraulic cylinders, keep in mind that a local supplier can help you get the best component for your application at the best cost, even if you need customized parts.

Why do some hydraulic cylinders need to be custom made?

Each application features unique pressure and varies in fluid capabilities. For certain operations, standard cylinders can’t get the job done safely and efficiently. In these cases, custom hydraulic cylinders are necessary. The following factors are key to determining whether custom hydraulic cylinders are needed for each application:

  • Harsh environments: Some applications expose hydraulic cylinders to harsh conditions. These might include extreme temperatures or corrosive chemicals. It is crucial to use custom hydraulic cylinders in these settings to ensure the components can operate safely in the surrounding environment.
  • Frequency: How often do you need to use the hydraulic system? Cylinders used more frequently must be made differently than those that are used sporadically.
  • Seals: The sealing materials for certain applications must be unique. If your system requires unique seals, you will probably need custom hydraulic cylinders.
  • Pressure: Stress can cause damage to components. If the application involves high pressure, custom hydraulic cylinders may be necessary to operate at such high-pressure settings.
  • Configuration: The size and shape of hydraulic cylinders must fit with the machinery’s configuration. Custom hydraulic cylinders can be designed to work with unique configurations.
  • Access: Some cylinders are easier to access than others. Depending on the setup of the operations, you may need custom hydraulic cylinders that make access feasible.
  • Industry: Some industries have specific requirements for hydraulic cylinders. Custom components may be necessary to meet the standards of a specific industry.
  • Safety: To comply with certain safety protocols, some applications may require custom hydraulic cylinders. Always check local and national regulations that apply to your operations to ensure compliance.

Who can deliver quality custom hydraulic cylinders for my application?

For quality custom hydraulic cylinders, look for a company that offers a full line of components. Find a supplier that can meet all your hydraulic needs, from sales to repairs to assembly. Make sure they are known for quality parts, with a long track record of success in the industry.

We know custom hydraulic cylinders

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