What Is a Hydraulic Vane Pump?

People need to know about the various tools that impact the hydraulics that make up so much of the world around us. Here at Hydraulic Power Sales, we believe that it is imperative that all people have the opportunity to explore the full collection of tools that impact their daily lives. Thus, we want them to know about hydraulic vane pumps and what makes them so special. We also want to make sure they know why it is important.

What Is a Vane Pump?

You can think of a vane pump as the in-between point for gear and piston pumps. They have a limited maximum pressure rating, which is important to remember. This does hold them back somewhat from the abilities that we see with gear and piston pumps, but they still serve a vital role in helping to make hydraulics work.

It is unlikely that you will see vane pumps used as often when the material that is being dealt with is a dirty liquid of some kind. This is because vane pumps are very sensitive to dirty materials and may shut down when put into those conditions. Thus, most people seek to avoid using a vane pump unless absolutely necessary under those circumstances.

Are There Advantages to a Vane Pump?

Even with the drawbacks that it does have, there are some advantages to using a vane pump as well. For example, it is generally less costly to use a vane pump than it is to use gear or piston pumps. Also, those who use them tend to have low-pressure and/or industrial projects that they need to get done which don’t necessarily require the high levels of performance of gear or piston pumps. Therefore, it is entirely possible that using a vane pump may be all that they need.

If it is more cost-effective to use a vane pump, then it just makes sense that at least some people would want to turn to this as their primary way of accomplishing the work that they need to do. They are working with what they have, and they can certainly make some changes as time goes on, but they are in a good place as far as seeing real results from the equipment that they are using.

Why Knowing the Difference Matters

You might not think that you need to know about a vane pump or other hydraulic equipment that is used in everyday applications, but it is helpful to have this information in your back pocket for when you need it. Hopefully, you don’t have to lean into it too often, but there is a chance that you will need to know this when you are getting some aspect of your home or office worked on. Just having a little more insight into how these things work can put you in a better position to not end up with some contractor taking advantage of your lack of knowledge to overcharge you for their services. Think about it like that, and you will see how important it is to make some changes.